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Server Information

[o] Gepard Shield
[o] LGP for all player
[o] Full Renewal
[o] 1000x/1000x/custom drop
[o] Episode 17.2 ( Sage Legacy )
[o] Job 4 MaxLv 250/50
[o] roDEX System
[o] Daily login reward
[o] New Player Reward
[o] Many new official item for many creative build and game play
[o] All item farm-able

Main Language: English



[o] NPC Basic Services
Job Changer | Reset Stats and Skills | Cart/Riding | Card remover
Cloth remover | De-mounter
[o] OMG! Mall
Equip Quest ( HG, Armor, Garment, Shield, Shoes, Weapon, Accessory )
All in One Shop | Costume Maker
Potions and Buff Items | Headgear Exchanger
[o] Achievement System Enabled
[o] Title System Enabled
[o] Mining area
Poring Coin | Zeny | Refine Ore
[o] Fishing Area
Fishing gear | Fishing enchant | Fishing Shop
[o] Party customization
Max party member 30 | EXP share level gap 15
[o] Healer with VIP Buffer
[o] Hourly automatic event
Poring Catcher | Devil Square | Find the Mushroom| Disguise
Monster Counting | World Boss (World Boss Shop)
[o] Battleground and Shop
[o] Hourly Points and Shop
[o] WOE Shop
[o] Weekly event every Saturday 9 PM (GMT +7)
[o] Double Drop Rate Rush on every weekends
[o] OMG! Maintown



[o] Old Glast Heim     [o] Isle of Bios     [o] Bakonawa Lake
[o] Faceworm Nest     [o] Malangdo Culvert     [o] Endless Tower
[o] Nightmarish Jitterbug     [o] Sara's Memory     [o] Geffen Magic Tournament
[o] Horror Toy Factory     [o] Buwaya Cave     [o] Ghost Palace
[o] Charleston Crisis     [o] Morse Cave     [o] Sky Fortress
[o] Temple of Demon God     [o] Infinite Space     [o] Poring Island
[o] Central Laboratory     [o] Last Room     [o] Octopus Cave
[o] Sarah And Fenrir     [o] Wolfchev Laboratory     [o] Airship Raid
[o] Devils Tower     [o] Room Of Consciousness     [o] Monster Exterminator
[o] Heart Hunter War Base     [o] Werner Laboratory Central Room
[o] OS Mission     [o] COR Mission
[o] EDDA Somatology [o] EDDA Fall - Glast Heim
[o] Hidden Garden   [o] Lost Farm
[o] Twilight Garden   [o] Water Garden

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